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The Address of Peace

We wait you in Adabükü which hosts every shade of green and blue.

Adabükü Region
  • Güvercinlik - 20 min
  • Torba - 20 min
  • Bodrum Center- 25 min
  • Göltürkbükü - 30 min
  • Gündoğan - 35 min
  • Yalıkavak - 40 min
  • Güllük Marina - 3 NM
  • Iasos Marina - 3 NM
  • D-Marin Didim - 15 NM
  • Yalıkavak Marina - 19 NM
  • Milas State Hospital - 18 min
  • Private Izan Hospital - 20 min
  • Bodrum State Hospital - 28 min
  • Airport - 12 min
duyuru resmi

6 reasons to explore Bodrum Bargilya region.

Bargilya is in the lap of nature and in a peaceful area, away from the city complex.

Indispensable for trekking routes: Gökçeler Canyon

Adabuku has the attractive coast and beaches, historical places, natural conservation areas and trekking routes, such as alternative tourism options are also available.

duyuru resmi
duyuru resmi

The city born from its ashes: the ancient city of Iasos

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Bodrum can be a few endless turquoise-colored bays, a warm sun that warms up and a memorable blue voyage.

The land of centuries-old carpets; Etrim village.

Every carpet has a story to tell, word to say and each pattern of carpet has a different meaning. Collectors are from all around the world go after these stories and look for that carpet.

duyuru resmi
duyuru resmi

A hidden bay in Bodrum; Adabuku.

White small houses covered with Bougainvillea, and beautiful Bodrum where everyone comes at least once and wrote poems and composed songs about it.