Fabay Adabükü Evleri Home Types

Home Types

Containing all shades of green and blue, FabayAdabükü Houses located in Adabükü are waiting for you to live a peaceful and happy life. Rediscover Bodrum in Adabükü.

Home Types

Karnelyan Karnelyan Enjoy the garden or terrace with 1+1 and 3+1 options in Karnelyan with its flat each viewing a deep blue sea of Adabükü. Detailed info and floor plans
Sapphire Sapphire Thanks to the Sapphire Villas making and indelible impression with their proximity to the sea and social facility specific only to you, private indoor garage and private pool, living in your dream house in not a dream now. Detailed info and floor plans
Ametist Ametist Living in a house where you will not hear anything but the bird calls and the warm blowing wind... It sounds great, isn't it? Detailed info and floor plans
Diamond Diamond Greens as far as your eyes can see and blue up to the horizon... Who may say no to wake up to a such view? Detailed info and floor plans
Sapphire Link Sapphire Link You still have the chance for a life where the endless sea view and bird calls reach your ears when you open the curtains. Just wish. Detailed info and floor plans

Hurry up to take your seat in a prestigious and peaceful life!

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