Karnelyan Karnelyan


Enjoy the garden or terrace with 1+1 and 3+1 options in Karnelyan with its flat each viewing a deep blue sea of Adabükü.

Let your style determine your life style


It’s up to you to shape your living space as you wish in Karnelyan located in Fabay Adabükü Homes. You can enjoy your dream life with 21 3+1 duplex with garden, 21 1+1 with terrace flats options. Beside, all of them have panoramic sea and island view.


Everything that you need is at your disposal in Fabay Adabükü Homes. Take your seat early in the most prestigious and comfortable project of Adabükü.


You will be the winner, whether you come for investment or to live, with the private beach, jacuzzi lodges, amphitheater and social facilities appealing to all tastes.

3+1 / First Floor Plan

01. Saloon & Kitchen34,42 m2
02. Bathroom2,56 m2
03. Bedroom11,86 m2
04. Dressing Room3,79 m2
05. Bathroom3,84 m2
06. Ventilation1,50 m2
07. Terrace24,10 m2
08. Green Space18,62 m2
Total100,69 m2
In the bedroom on downstairs, you can sleep one step away from the garden and share your dinners served from terrace to the kitchen easily with your beloved ones.

3+1 / Second Floor Plan

01. Floor Hall4,93 m2
02. Bedroom18,07 m2
03. Dressing Room2,89 m2
04. Bathroom4,00 m2
05. Balcony4,25 m2
06. Bedroom15,00 m2
07. Dressing Room3,91 m2
08. Bathroom3,81 m2
09. Balcony4,10 m2
10. Ventilation1,50 m2
Total62,46 m2
Thanks to the bedrooms with private bathroom, you can spend enjoyable hours in your room as you wish and watch the scene calmly.

1+1 Terrace / Third Floor Plan

01. Entrance Hall3,92 m2
02. Saloon & Kitchen26,52 m2
03. Bathroom1,60 m2
04. Bedroom15,95 m2
05. Dressing Room2,96 m2
06. Bathroom3,81 m2
07. Balcony11,98 m2
08. Stairs3,10 m2
Total69,84 m2
09. Terrace58,44 m2
You can enjoy the silence by facing the scene in our 1+1 flats with terrace designed for those who love to be at high above.

More than a house

Own more than a house, a private beach and unique social facilities in Bodrum. FabayAdabükü Houses makes an indelible impression with its coastline, wideness of its social facilities and rich opportunities designed with the sense of private beach among the project built in Bodrum.

A shopping center within which premium supermarket, SPA, fitness center and various stores will take place


Tennis court, walking and running areas, yoga area and half olympic infinity pool


Amphitheater, artistic activities space, private beach, pool side terrace bar, beach volleyball, aquapark, view terraces and lodges


Fabay Adabükü Homes makes an indelible impression with its coastline, wideness of its social facilities and rich opportunities designed with the sense of private beach among the project built in Bodrum.

Hurry up to take your seat in a prestigious and peaceful life!

You may wish to make real estate investment or looking for a summer house in Bodrum. Complete the form immediately to know house types, investment opportunities and private payment options that will satisfy your need in FabayAdabükü Houses and contact with our expert consultant.

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Home Types

There are different houses which will meet all kinds of expectations at Fabay Adabükü Houses.
Diamond Greens as far as your eyes can see and blue up to the horizon... Who may say no to wake up to a such view?
Sapphire Thanks to the Sapphire Villas making and indelible impression with their proximity to the sea and social facility specific only to you, private indoor garage and private pool, living in your dream house in not a dream now.
Ametist Living in a house where you will not hear anything but the bird calls and the warm blowing wind... It sounds great, isn't it?
Sapphire Link
Sapphire Link You still have the chance for a life where the endless sea view and bird calls reach your ears when you open the curtains. Just wish.